Posted on Oct 16, 2021

So, who am I?

That’s a good question. One of these days I will figure that out (or maybe not). But, looking from outside, I’m, as of writing, a 52 year old guy, father of two, and a Senior Engineer by trade. I currently hang my hat up in the northern hemisphere, northern parts of Europe.

Most of the time, you’ll find me buried in a linux CLI, be it at home, or work (preferably using fish). Computers have been a big passion, since the age of 13. Home computers started to to surface, and that was it for me. Every weekend I would take the subway to the city, and hang around a bookshop that was selling computers. I couldn’t afford one at the time, so I’d usually return back home with a computer magazine, or two, eagerly reading the articles, and the published code. During a summer school stay in the UK, I was able to finally buy an ORIC-1. Not the most popular unit, but it had some nice features, and was in my price range. It didn’t have a lot of games, which in a way was good, as I was able to spend more time learning to code BASIC.

Next up was a rare Apple ][+ clone (BOSS-1, made in Taiwan). A friend of my dad was selling them, and gave me one for doing some work and coding. It had a CP/M card inside it as well. I was also able to get my hands on an EPSON CX21 modem (acoustic coupler). Getting on BBSes was just fantastic! 300 Baud, however, didn’t rule. My parents weren’t too happy either, as the phone service charged by the minute (and what the hell was that static noise!). But they did see the benefits, as I wasn’t just playing games.

After high school, when most guys had to head to the army for a year, I was able to land an internship at IBM. That place was like heaven for me at the time. I got to work on System/38s, AS/400s and do database programming (RPGIII/400). Then PS/2s arrived. I was able to grab one at half price (it still cost a fortune), a model 50Z, 80286 CPU. It had a 60MB hard drive, and VGA monitor.

My first *NIX experience was probably MINIX. A friend of mine also hooked me up with a Unix account at the college he worked. Then enter Linux, and hello Slackware! This stuff was amazing, my PC felt like a real computer now. It certainly was no daily driver, but so much more fun than windows. All my work was on Windows and OS/2, but Linux was it for me. I was doing Windows server support for a long time, but thankfully for the last 7 years or so, I’ve been able to work solely with Linux, professionally, as well.

OK, enough Linux stuff, there must be other things you like to do? Yeah, obviously, but not so much these days. Hanging with my kids, and this whole corona mess have made us all housebound. I’m also a big fan of home automation, and have been into Homeassistant since it’s early releases. Pretty much everything around the house is automated. If there is an API, it must be assimilated!

I also really enjoy coding. It’s a great way to get the mind off things, and just be in the zone. I work as a system admin at daytime, coding at nighttime, and tinkering with open source software. . My goto languages are C, and Perl. I also like Pascal, but that’s ages ago. Lately I’ve been looking at Go(lang), which is similar to C. For home maintenance of machines and servers, it’s Ansible. It’s great, but yaml I could be without. I do not watch TV (seriously), nor do I play games currently (I have eyesight problems). Thankfully there are so many podcasts now, to fill that void. Most of them are about Linux stuff.

I’m also a big advocate of privacy. I’ve spent much time de-googling myself, and getting off the various clouds out there. There are so many great open source alternatives these days, and since I dig doing linux stuff, self hosting is where it is at for me. I’ve been on Mastodon for a while, and recently joined the instance. It’s a great place to hangout and talk about open source, privacy and Linux. Highly recommended if these are your interests.

Oh, and I run Arch, BTW. ;)



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